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A CD&D Staff Report

Stroke researcher Dr. Vladimir Hachinski has been named to the Order of Canada, that country's highest honor, for his lifetime contributions in the field of neurology.

Hachinski is a professor at the in the department of clinical neurological sciences at the University of Western Ontario's (London, Ontario) Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

He is the founding and current chairman of the International Society for Vascular Behavioral and Cognitive Disorders, and first vice president of the World Federation of Neurology.

"When I learned that the government was trying to track me down, I was in China and a few unpleasant possibilities crossed my mind," said Hachinski. "When I was informed that I was to be named to the Order of Canada, I was surprised, and felt honored and humbled to join such a distinguished company of Canadians."

He is a pioneer and thought leader in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of stroke and vascular cognitive impairment coining the phrase "brain attack" to convey that strokes are emergencies.

Along with Robert C t , Hachinski developed the Canadian Neurological Scale, an effective and simple method to assess and monitor acute stroke patients.

After establishing Canada's first stroke unit with John Norris in Toronto, Hachinski opened another at University Hospital in London, now part of London Health Sciences Center, where he continues to practice.

He proposed the concept of "multi-infarct dementia" and devised the most widely used method of diagnosing it (the Hachinski Ischemic Scale). He also advocated a new approach to the treatment and prevention of vascular dementia by early recognition and treatment of risk factors.

Hachinski is editor-in-chief of Stroke, the leading journal in that field, and has contributed to 17 books, including Stroke: A Comprehensive Guide to Brain Attack, and to more than 600 book chapters, papers and other scholarly publications.

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