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An across-the-borders look at global developments in biotechnology.

BioWorld International is a global intelligence service that brings you news on international strategic deals, worldwide investment opportunities, country-by-country regulatory issues, product development and insight on emerging biotech companies you may have never realized existed. Delivered every Wednesday, BioWorld International will keep you informed on international strategic alliances, worldwide investment opportunities, global regulatory issues and more!

Biotechnology is a global business that pays little attention to borders, and BioWorld International takes you across those borders for a comprehensive look at the industry. This global intelligence service tells you who is forming international alliances, which companies are developing new products, and advancing existing ones, country-by-country regulatory issues, with a special focus on European Union regulations, and it provides you with insights on the up-and-coming players in the field. BioWorld International also keeps you abreast of the latest scientific advancements coming from the world laboratory, which companies are developing products in which therapeutic areas, trends that affect the entire industry, and provides insights into worldwide investment opportunities, with information on the investors who are providing that backing. Along with the comprehensive articles on the major activities which are researched and written by our cadre of experienced international-based writers, we provide you with an easy-to-read, at-a-glance synopsis of activities by biotech companies.

Available via e-mail, online and fax, a one-year subscription to BioWorld International covering 52 issues is $1,247.

You can review this product for 30 days. Your annual subscription includes published issues at no additional charge for the 12-month subscription period. 52 issues are expected. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of receipt, you will receive a full credit upon receipt of request for cancellation.

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