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Published in BioWorld's intuitive and objective editorial style, this informative and analytical report delivers data, news and analysis designed to stimulate and facilitate your reasoned executive agenda.

The contemporary biofuels market, born amid the chaos of the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973, has alternately sputtered, stalled and lurched, but has yet to cruise at its objective speed limit on the road to challenging gasoline as the transportation fuel of choice. Is this market now a 35-year-old jalopy or still a next-generation prototype? The biofuels market certainly isn't yet cruising along, but what is its status: broken down ... idling ... coasting ... waiting for new parts?

The BioWorld Biofuels Report 2009 is priced at $599, plus $17.95 in shipping and handling.

Brand new from BioWorld, the Biofuels Report 2009: Lane-Changing Trends and Fork-in-the-Road Dynamicschronicles, analyzes and projects the foremost and ancillary aspects of one of the most significant markets that will impact the future well-being of humanity and the environment, as well as the mercantile ventures of opportunistic biofuels producers and investors.

This opportune BioWorld report examines the trends and potential of the emerging and existing biofuels feedstock, production and investment markets, providing you with the vital business intelligence necessary to facilitate executive decision-making in one of the world's most critical markets.

The comprehensive focus of the subject matter:

  • Summarizes the prevalent investment trends that are driving biofuels' acceleration.
  • Analyzes the broad "Kitchen Sink" feedstock strategy's capacity to progress, or restrict, biofuels' market economics and technology development.
  • Examines which technologies are cruising ahead & which are running on fumes.
  • Assesses the delicate, but imperative, relationship between oil companies and biofuels producers.
  • Identifies and profiles the key players steering this market to its objective destination.
  • Illustrates market projections, R&D evolution and analyses of key industry dynamics with edifying visual graphics.
  • Update on the "Foodstock for Feedstock" debate.
  • Delineates the milestone barometers that will incrementally presume biofuels industry success through the mid-century.
  • Evaluates the commercial viability of algae production and other evolving technologies.
  • Dissects biofuels processing concepts and project finance arrangements.
  • Reveals which dynamic has the means and motive to, conversely, be the most threatening, as well as the most facilitative factor impacting the biofuels market?

The Biofuels Report 2009: Lane-Changing Trends and Fork-in-the-Road Dynamics imparts revealing insight on whether or not biofuels producers are speeding down a dead-end street or if current technologies are trailblazing a new superhighway to mass market fulfillment.

Challenges facing the market that are judiciously examined in this evaluative report include the issues of direct land use, diversion of food crops for fuel purposes, gaining market share from formidable Big Oil competitors and finding a sustainable, utilitarian feedstock for an 800 million-vehicle market. This incisive publication goes beyond regurgitating industry news, in order to provide annotative analysis that fosters high-octane business leverage in this emergent market.

This report offers value and vision to:

  • Biofuels producers
  • Oil industry executives and researchers at biofuels companies
  • Bio-scientists
  • Alernative energy investors
  • Economic development groups
  • State and federal government officials
  • Agriculture industry
  • Investors and analysts
  • Attorneys working in the industry
  • Lobbyists
  • Energy firms
  • Transportation industry

The biofuels market is mature, but new opportunities still abound, as no technology has emerged to resolutely define and steer the course of biofuels through the twenty-first century. Leadership and expertise are vitally needed to drive this market forward, and this BioWorld report can put you in that driver's seat along with a roadmap to navigate through this unpaved market.

Biofuels Report 2009: Lane-Changing Trends and Fork-in-the-Road Dynamics can be purchased in print or PDF.

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Print and PDF Version:
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