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Advertising Opportunities

Medical Device Daily and BioWorld Today offer exceptional advertising opportunities for you to reach high-level audiences in the biotechnology and medical technology industries. These avenues are perfect for business-to-business marketers trying to reach top decision-making executives, scientists, investors, and attorneys that are highly involved in these markets.

4 Ways to Advertise

1) BioWorld Today and Medical Device Daily Target an exclusive executive audience in these daily subscription-based publications. Delivered via e-mail, online and fax, these daily products offer the highest frequency. If long-term campaigns are your objective, these publications offer an excellent opportunity for you.

Audience: BioWorld Today reaches a readership of 13,500 executives, investors, attorneys, academics, scientists and government officials in the biotech industry every business day. Medical Device Daily reaches 2,500 executives, investors, attorneys, academics, scientists and government officials in the various med-tech markets.

Placement: Quarter, half and full-page placements are available.

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2) BioWorld Highlights and Medical Device Daily Highlights
Premium advertising placements are available in both of our weekly e-zines. These offer quick e-mail advertising solutions for you and your clients. If you are looking for immediate and traceable results, this is an excellent option.

Audience: Each of the e-zines reaches 4,000 recipients who have opted in to subscribe, including executives, investors, attorneys, academics, scientists and government officials in the biotechnology and med-tech industries. Each also is sent once monthly to a prospect list of 22,000.

Placement options:
Premium Top Sponsor Banners: This lead advertisement is a graphical banner (468x60 GIF file) located at the top and bottom of the e-zine.

Side Sponsor Banners: These high-visibility advertisements are graphical banners (163x163 GIF files) located along the right side of the feature story.

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3) BioWorld.com and MedicalDeviceDaily.com Banner advertisements are available on the homepages of both of these popular sites. Both sites offer high-traffic and prominent visibility, and provide an excellent addition for advertisers trying to incorporate an online channel into the advertising mix. Call or e-mail at the contact information below for more details.

2013 Advertising Rates (per issue)
Advertising Opportunities 1-2 issues 3-4 issues 5-9 issues 10 + issues
BioWorld Today & Medical Device Daily        
  1/4 Page $1,045 $950 $860 $765
  1/2 Page $2,000 $1,800 $1,630 $1,450
  Full Page $5,000 $4,500 $4,075 $3,625
BioWorld and Medical Device Daily Highlights        
  Premium Top Sponsor Banner $1,045 $950 $860 $760
  SideSponsor Banner $750 $665 $580 $495
BioWorld and Medical Device Daily Homepage Call for pricing and placement details

Please call Joseph Rabus for Bundle Discounts.



Subscribers to BioWorld Today and BioWorld Perspectives, as well as those who visit BioWorld.com, are high-level business executives and investors in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. These readers are the ones following business news and trends in the industry, and have a keen interest in financings, deals, as well as regulatory developments. It is an audience with global interests and typical job titles include CEO, VP Business Development, VP Regulatory Affairs, Partner, Analyst and other high-level, business-oriented executives.


Medical Device Daily
Subscribers to Medical Device Daily and Medical Device Daily Perspectives, as well as those who visit MedicalDeviceDaily.com, are high-level business executives in the med-tech industry. Most are at the CEO-level at device companies, or heavily involved in business development. This group also has a large percentage of partners at VC firms and investment banks who currently invest in the various med-tech sectors. Like BioWorld, it is an audience with global interests who need to follow the business and regulatory news in the med-tech and device industry.

For ad rates and information, please contact:
NORTH AMERICA Tel: +1-800-336-4474
Outside of the US Tel. +44-203-684-1796

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